About Our Code Enforcement 


4LEAF, Inc. provides comprehensive Code Enforcement services to enhance community quality of life for your jurisdiction. Our experienced staff conducts efficient and respectful enforcement activities, emphasizing community education and cooperation. Our services cover Community Outreach, Assessments, Hearings, Inspections, Lead and Blight Abatement, Parking and Business License Enforcement, Vendor and Weed Abatement, Zoning Regulation, and Special Enforcement Projects just to name a few.

Our dedicated Code Enforcement Inspectors investigate, consult, and take necessary action when violations occur. We tackle challenges such as blight, guiding property owners and tenants to rectify issues promptly. Moreover, we ensure businesses comply with license requirements for a fair and regulated business environment. Trust 4LEAF, Inc. to meet your unique Code Enforcement needs effectively.

We Strive to Acheive Compliance

Code Enforcement is not a one-size fits all. At 4LEAF, Inc. we understand that each community is unique and has specific needs.  One thing that is common in each community we serve is a need to ensure their residents are treated with dignity and respect while ensuring that compliance is met.  The goal of our inspectors is to keep our communities safe and clean.  In the video below please take a look at some of enforcement activities that we can assist your jurisdiction with.

Specialty Programs

Jurisdictions have their share of unpermitted activities in their communities and in many instances, code enforcement staff do not have the resources to address specific type of violation which over time can become difficult to enforce including but not limited to the enforcement of the following:

Short-Term Rentals

Cannabis Regulations

Street Vendors

Building Abatement

Expired Permits

Massage Parlor

Tobacco Retail



Additional Services Provided

Housing Inspections

4LEAF, Inc.’s trained staff inspect properties to determine whether they meet housing property standards for safety and livability in accordance with local and state regulations, building and safety codes, and/or HUD federal requirements. Our inspectors also perform inspections and audits as required as well as prepare reports and analytics.

Resource Officers

Law enforcement personnel may enter substandard housing on many occasions, neglecting many conditions which may make a property uninhabitable.  Having trained staff as a resource for law enforcement can assist communities that are dealing with long-standing problem properties and/or transient intrusion on private property.   

Community Outreach

Community outreach is vital to having a successful Code Enforcement program. Providing information on what is lawful helps reduce the number of calls for service while educating the public on what is not permitted assists in gaining voluntary compliance. Having consistent communication with the public and legislators will aid in the growth of your Code Enforcement program.


Code Enforcement is always evolving.  There are so many aspects to Code Enforcement that many jurisdictions do not take advantage of all the tools afforded to them in local and state regulations.  Having a well trained staff helps provide quicker resolution to long-standing cases.

Meet Our Management Team

At 4LEAF, Inc. we recognize that Code Enforcement is a dynamic and continually evolving field. Hence, the expertise of seasoned professionals is paramount to navigate its intricacies and keep abreast with the changes. Our commitment to serving community needs drives us to hire industry leaders who can grasp and address these complexities effectively. We are staunch believers in the value of experience and the depth of understanding it brings. That's why we make every effort to recruit professionals who are not only well-established in their fields but also bring rich, hands-on experience to our team. Their seasoned insights and knowledge enable us to stay at the forefront of code enforcement practices, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of the communities we serve.


We would like to introduce you to our esteemed directors, Director Pete Roque and Director Cecilia Muela. These industry leaders demonstrate an unwavering commitment to fostering safer, healthier, and vibrant communities through their work in code enforcement. With their unmatched expertise, they impart knowledge through nationwide teaching initiatives, collaborate with numerous code enforcement associations, and work alongside jurisdictions to strengthen code enforcement programs. Their dedication to maintaining industry standards and advocating for effective enforcement has positioned them as indispensable leaders in the field, tirelessly inspiring the next generation of code enforcers, and guiding us towards a safer, more compliant future.

Pete Roque

Pete, a seasoned Code Enforcement Director and exemplifies a dedication to servant leadership in his over a decade-long career. Having served various managerial roles across multiple jurisdictions, his commitment has helped him build lasting relationships and gain in-depth industry knowledge. As an influential advocate for Code Enforcement, Pete has served on boards at local, regional, state, and national levels.

In his commitment to sharing his expertise, Pete established Code Enforcement Educators, a free online resource providing educational materials, industry news, and guidance. Furthermore, Pete is an adjunct professor at Santiago Canyon College, teaching the first Associate's Degree in Code Enforcement in California, and providing courses for various law enforcement organizations.

Throughout his career, Pete has enhanced community service by tripling staffing size, obtaining code enforcement related grants, and improving enforcement programs. As an educator, he teaches at ICC chapters and for code enforcement organizations throughout the United States, aiming to help others embark on a successful career in Code Enforcement. Pete Roque’s dedication underscores his commitment to propelling the industry forward.

Cecilia "Ceci" Muela

Ceci has served as the Assistant Chief Building Official for the City of Santa Rosa. Ceci has been in the Building Industry for over 22 years with a focus in Code Enforcement for over 16 years and has shared her knowledge at the local, county, state, and federal levels.

Ceci is an experienced educator, trainer, and professional presenter for the International Code Council (ICC), has an extensive history of educating professionals throughout the United States and is one of the most sought-after instructors today. Additionally, Ceci is the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity Equity and Inclusion for the International Code Council and serves as an expert witness in Code Enforcement matters.

As founder of the Women Leaders in Code Enforcement Group, Ceci drives innovation with a direct focus on building pathways for women in every facet of the building and safety industry through training and mentorship opportunities while highlighting the many contributions of women in our industry.


4LEAF, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of Code Enforcement services, prioritizing respect and efficiency while ensuring compliance with relevant laws. To achive that goal 4LEAF, Inc. ensures that we provide seasoned management team.  We ensure that those overseeing your projects are industry leaders, educators, and advocates of effective enforcement. Our managers bring decades of experience and commitment to the educational aspect of their profession. Their contribution is vital in fulfilling 4LEAF, Inc.'s mission to create safer, cleaner, and more compliant communities, with enforcement personnel maintaining up-to-date skills and high standards of competence.

Ken Eckman

Ken is a seasoned professional with an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the field of Code Enforcement Management. His experience combines robust roles in various capacities, including a Code Enforcement Manager at 4LEAF, Inc. and Willdan, and Code Compliance Supervisor at the City of Orange. Ken has a knack for leading code enforcement programs, selecting and training personnel, business development, and operational management. His vast roles entailed overseeing a multitude of code compliance programs, supervising staff, handling an average of 1,500 cases per year, and working closely with City Attorneys on citation and prosecution issues.

In addition to his management roles, Ken's background includes time as an Education Coordinator at CACEO and Irvine Valley College, where he developed a state board-approved curriculum for code enforcement certification, thus shaping the future of code enforcement professionals. Furthermore, his tenure as a Code Enforcement Instructor at Santiago Canyon College and Irvine Valley College saw him impart valuable knowledge to upcoming code enforcement officers, underpinning his commitment to the educational aspect of his profession.

 Ken's community service is equally commendable, having served as a Commission Member on the City of Tustin Planning Commission. In this capacity, he reviewed and evaluated land use rules, regulations, and codes, offering valuable recommendations to the City Council. Moreover, during his early career, Ken upheld the City of Orange's codes as a Code Enforcement Officer and Senior Code Enforcement Officer, performing vital public relations and outreach, and providing technical direction to the City's Code Compliance staff. Ken Eckman's extensive experience, commitment to education, and community engagement make him a notable figure in the field of Code Enforcement Management.

Orlando Givens

As our Northern California Code Enforcement Manager and Training Officer, Orlando brings a wealth of experience addressing life and safety issues, particularly those arising from work without permits, water intrusion, mold, and lead-based paint contamination. With a focus on vacant and foreclosed properties, he leads and trains new 4LEAF, Inc. hires to ensure their readiness to serve communities throughout California.

Over 15 years of industry experience, Orlando has successfully served numerous California municipalities, starting as a Code Enforcement Officer and eventually progressing to a managerial role. His expertise spans a range of topics including violation notices, administrative citations, inspection warrants, and various state codes, ordinances, and regulations. Orlando's contribution to Alameda County Code Enforcement Network (ACCEN) and the Bay Area Code Enforcement Network (BAYCEN) has earned him recognition from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

Orlando's practical experience is enriched by his dedication to education. He instructs Code Enforcement courses for organizations like ICC, CACEO, and AACE. His recent work with 4LEAF, Inc. includes developing and implementing new Standard Operating Procedures and transitioning Code Enforcement to and from various departments. His responsibilities encompass directing, coordinating, and reviewing work plans for Code Enforcement staff, as well as selecting, training, and evaluating personnel. With his extensive expertise and dedication to training.

Alex Molina

Alex Molina is an esteemed industry leader with over 20 years of experience as a code enforcement professional. With an illustrious career marked by strategic leadership, comprehensive legal knowledge, and impressive adaptability, she has established herself as an integral asset to numerous cities across California, including Santa Monica, Malibu, and San Juan Capistrano. She has successfully led complex projects, including the implementation and management of Building and Code Enforcement Divisions, offering resource optimization and collaborative government procedure enhancement. Her hands-on approach to personnel training, community education, and problem-solving further illustrates her commitment to excellence and dedication to public service.

Alex's accomplishments have included the effective coordination and execution of various work plans, programs, and ordinances, as well as his pivotal role in managing and resolving sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints. Notable contributions include her leadership in the Nuisance Abatement Task Force in the Antelope Valley. The development of their innovative Tree Ordinance. Additionally, Alex has served as a State/County Water Quality Regulations and NPDES Officer and led crucial housing and public view corridor programs. As an industry veteran, she always seeks opportunities to impart her "Autograph of Excellence," enhancing her contributions to organizations like 4 LEAF, through innovative and progressive approaches.

Why Work With Us

4LEAF, Inc. provides a variety of services to fit your specific compliance needs. Our Code Enforcement staff is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of life for the residents in their client jurisdictions and work toward a goal of resolving problems efficiently and safely. 4LEAF, Inc. can provide certified and qualified staff to perform Code Enforcement inspections in a lawful manner that respects the reasonable expectations of privacy and security of residents and their properties. They also offer staffing, project management, and cost recovery services

4LEAF, Inc., client jurisdictions receive a comprehensive, tailored, and community-focused approach to code enforcement, delivered by a team of industry leaders who are committed to maintaining the safety, cleanliness, and compliance of the communities they serve.


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